I’m Lucky Because…

Here’s a fun project you can do on St. Patrick’s Day! I had my students finish this sentence, “I am lucky because…” and they drew a picture to go along with it. This would be a great project for any grade level, and the complexity could vary based on the grade level with whom you were working. For example, I did this project with second graders. We used a program for the Mac called KidPix, but this project could easily be completed on an iPad using a program such as Draw and Tell, Drawing Pad, Explain Everything, Draw Free, Doodle Buddy, etc. Once students have completed their work, you need one device to collect all of their work to create one video to share. I have students use Airdrop to transfer their work, which they save to their camera roll (iPad) or from their desktop (Mac). From there, I create a video in iMovie because it makes sharing a class project very easy. Just post the finished video to YouTube or Vimeo and email the link out to your audience. I think a nice feature would have been to add a voiceover to each child’s piece. Hope you enjoy!

Updating Mac to Mavericks and Apple Remote Desktop


I finally had the time to update my main teaching machine to Mavericks OSX yesterday. Everything went smoothly until I went to go and push out a Keynote document to my students using Apple Remote Desktop (ARD). As the school technology teacher and technology coordinator, I use ARD to manage all of the machines on our campus. It makes it very easy to fix something remotely, install software, update machines, etc. I have nearly 400 machines listed on my ARD account. So, you can imagine my panic when I went to open ARD for the first time since updating and it gave me an error message that said my version of ARD was not compatible with this version of OSX. Ok, so I went to update software and it was not listed as an available update. Now, I was really starting to panic…but have no fear! It is a super easy fix and I created this PDF so that if this happens to you, it will save you some time and energy. Upgrading to Mavericks and Apple Remote Desktop PDF