The Return of Appsolutely April!

Hi there friends! I hope this new blog post finds each of you doing well. I hope you will still drop by for some fun tech tips and inspiring and purposeful technology integration ideas! During my break from blogging, I really had amazing experiences working with teachers and students all over the country as I coached and mentored them through their journey in connecting the dots between learning and creative uses of technology. It was a great journey; one for which I am forever grateful.

Through this transition, I have been developing a more comprehensive website, which highlights more of the work I do with educators, schools, businesses, and community members.

My website URL has remained the same, but the URL for future blog postings has changed.



Please check back or subscribe for emails so that you can get all future blog posts as I publish them. Also, check out my TPT store, where I will soon be uploading templates and other creations to promote creativity, design, exploration, collaboration, and curiosity as related to using technology with purpose and meaning as a tool in classrooms.

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