Remove Ads and Change Viewing Options in Online Flash Games


Many teachers and parents want their child to practice skills with games that are available online for free. However, one of the main concerns I have as an educator is when I allow students to play these games and they come across advertising from outside websites (even with an Ad Blocker on). You know what I mean…the constant ads and it never fails…a kid is likely to click on one of those because they are shiny and blinking! Once they click on those ads, they are taken to a new site. This is especially difficult with younger students. Whenever I can, I like to create add-free games for my students when they go to the computer labs or for practice at home. I also like to increase the viewing size to a full screen so my students can see the game better. When you remove all of the ads and create a full screen for kids, it removes all distractions and allows them to focus on the learning game you want them to play. I searched for what feels like forever to figure out how to turn a flash game into its own file with a link. I finally figured it out! I hope this helps you as much as it’s helped me! It’s a bit more work, but so worth it! Here are the steps in creating your own links!

Step 1:

Install the Live HTTP Headers as an extension in Firefox.


Step 2:

Go to the site you wish to remove the ads and view full screen (see all the ads as well as the small screen in this game?)



Step 3:

Once you are in the game, Click on Tools, Live HTTP Headersscreen-shot-2017-01-30-at-11-28-31-am

Step 4:

You will then come to a window that looks like this:


Step 5:

Now, it begins to generate the request. You need to save this as a .txt file.


Step 6:

Open the file and search for the URL that ends in .SWF. Once you find it, copy the link and paste it in a new browser window (you can use any browser now that you have the new link).


Step 7:

Paste your new link in your browser window and have fun! No ads and now it is in full screen!



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