Copyright Free Images for Projects


I recently helped a teacher who was creating projects with her students using Pic Collage. She was having her students search for pictures in Google Images and had not even thought about copyright laws to model good digital citizenship for her students. Let’s be real…it happens. However, when we know better, we do better! I put together a SMORE, which has great resources for students when searching for images to use in movies, collages, books, etc.

Feel free to distribute this link to other educators who might need a gentle reminder about reinforcing copyright laws. Additionally, it’s important to teach students the domain specific terms when searching for images.

  • Attribution
  • Non-derivative works
  • Share alike
  • Non-commercial

Happy searching!




3 thoughts on “Copyright Free Images for Projects

  1. Javier Rejon says:

    Dear April, my name is Javier Rejon, I am a professional photographer. I have recently uploaded 289 of my images and made them free for download, they are Royalty Free and can be used without limitations on any project commercially or not. No need to register on any site nor give me any credit back. The only thing I ask for is to access the pictures through the link on the YouTube video I put together with the same images so I can get a few cents per click. I truly hope you enjoy the images and are able to share them with as many people as you like. Click here to access the images through YouTube


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