One Word Resolutions for 2016


Happy New Year! The One Word idea stems from an idea that a single word can help shape and change who you are and not just what you do. Traditional New Year’s Resolutions typically fail by late January, so this idea takes the resolutions concept, but shifts it into one word…an achievable goal that you can live by each day. I thought this was a great opportunity to talk with my fourth and fifth grade students and think about how that one word can help shape their focus for 2016. I showed them this video, which prepared them for our discussion. Choosing the word was the hard part. I had them reflect and write down the words that spoke to them. Next, I demonstrated many different typography apps to creatively bring their word to life. Students were given the opportunity to choose the app that gave them the ability to artistically express the word they chose. To learn more and download resources to use in your classroom, visit this site:

The apps we used:


iOS Apps:


Word Swag

Adobe Post

Font Candy



Once students were finished creating their words, I created a Padlet Wall for them to display their work. I asked them to write one sentence as to why they chose that particular word. The nice part about having these on a Padlet wall is that we can go and re-visit these words to see how they are honoring living out the word they chose. Additionally, I created a video to highlight student created images:

Here are a few Padlet wall examples:

Fourth Grade

Fifth Grade

Here’s my #oneword2016



What’s the ONE WORD that will change your life in 2016?



One thought on “One Word Resolutions for 2016

  1. Carol Ferrier says:

    Hi April,
    Thanks for sharing about the idea of One Word and what it means for you. I wrote about One Word this year and shared your link as well. I thought you might stop by, read and leave a comment. If you also selected One Word this year I’d love for you to share it.
    Carol Ferrier blogger at

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