My New Book Now in iBooks: The Key(note) to Storytelling


Key(note) to Storytelling

I am very excited to share my new book that I’ve been working on for what feels like forever! It’s called The Key(note) to Storytelling and it combines two of my favorite things: Storytelling and Keynote! I hope that it will guide you along a very powerful path in giving students the opportunity to tell compelling stories while using advanced tools in Keynote. My book will guide you through this unit and provide step-by-step directions in order to have students create compelling stories and stunning videos.

Description from the book:

Storytelling is at the heart of learning and teaching. It has always captured our hearts, caused us to asked questions and moved us into action. What if I told you that you could use Keynote, a tool commonly thought of as a presentation tool, to create a project where students could create something original and unique and use it as a tool for creative storytelling? What if we allowed students to use Keynote to create original characters and animate them to bring storytelling to life? In this project, students will go through the process of creating characters using the shape tool in Keynote, use the Story Spine as a way to creatively structure and capture their story, and bring their stories to life with animations and a green screen in Keynote before completing final video editing in iMovie. Get ready to learn the Key(note) to Storytelling.

Click HERE to download a copy of my book available in iBooks.

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