Say it isn’t so, Paper 53!

New Favorite

I am a fan of iPad and web apps that do not require a login. Since I teach students ranging in ages from 5-11, I need apps that are easy to use, do not require student accounts, and have the ability to share to the camera roll. I do not typically use apps that require a student account or login. In fact, when apps get new updates, often times they will add a login and then I am very hesitant to use the app again. Adobe Voice added this feature in their most recent update and now I have students using one generic email address in order to access the app, but I really don’t prefer to do it this way.

I have always loved Paper 53. I love using it to create sketch notes and I love how the app can be used in various projects in my classroom. For a single user, Paper 53 is a great choice and the updates include really nice features.

I recently received all new iPads for my classroom and naturally, I added Paper 53. As I was planning my lessons for this week, which included the use of Paper 53, I noticed that the first screen prompted a login. There is no way around this, as I tried it on several different iPads. Below is a screen shot of the new login screen. I think the only way to get around this screen is if you’ve already had Paper 53 installed on the iPad and perhaps you can press cancel, if that option exists.

Paper 53 new login screen

When I saw that users now needed a login to access this app, I knew I needed to search for a replacement. I really wanted a replacement that allowed many color choices and a variety of painting tools, especially a water color tool. I was so happy to find the app called Tayasui Sketches. This app is free and has many of the features that I love about Paper 53. Plus, users do not need an account to use the app!

Here are a few screen shots:


Drawing tools

Drawing tools

Save to camera roll!

Using a “pinch” gesture, you see a variety of sharing/saving options. Students can also save to the camera roll!

If you are like me and do not enjoy creating accounts for students to access various apps, then this might be a great alternative if you are a Paper 53 fan. 🙂

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