Sharing Made Easy with iPhoto for iPad

Have you ever had photos from an event, field trip, or project your students were working on and wanted a quick way to share them with families? Look no further than to utilize the iPhoto app on your iPad to create an awesome web journal and share the unique web address with others. In order to do this, you need the iPhoto app (free) installed on your iPad (iOS7) and an iCloud account. Once you begin, you can add text, photos, videos, and customized items. This is such an awesome resource for educators and students! The web journal acts sort of like a webpage that you can hyperlink your pictures to text and websites!

Here’s a sample of what a web journal can look like:;CAEQARoQKCtNjTTcGEVLt3WrukmkhQ;F14AB19A-9956-4805-B956-D56295D9DFC0

Sample of my Web Journal

Screenshot of my Web Journal

This is something that is very quick and easy to do. Even quicker if you take the photos/video from your iPad! Share your next event, project, or even have students create a web journal to showcase their learning! Possibilities are endless!

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