Sharing My One Best Thing Published Book!

Express Yourself: The Art of Me by April Requard

Express Yourself: The Art of Me by April Requard

I’m so happy, thrilled, and humbled to share my book, which you can download to your Mac or iPad and it is only available on iBooks. If you have the iBooks app installed on your iPad or Mac, then you’re good to go! My book highlights a lesson from start to finish with multiple applications and components. It’s a great lesson on self-discovery and it really makes you think about how you can take an older or “outdated” concept and make it new again with technology! The creations the students make when they are finished are worthy of framing because they really turn out to be that cool! To learn more, please download a copy of my book and let me know what you think!

Additionally, you need to check out a whole collection of Apple Distinguished Educators’ One Best Thing. The ideas, lessons, and concepts shared are truly amazing and provide such an authentic learning opportunity for all of us educators! It’s amazing to see Apple’s commitment to furthering the opportunities of educators, therefore enriching our student’s lives.

Check it out here:



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