My Favorite Photo/Video Transfer App is FREE for a Short Time!

Photo and Video Transfer over Wifi is FREE for a limited time!

Photo and Video Transfer over Wifi is FREE for a limited time!

My most prized app (Photo and Video Transfer Over Wifi) is FREE today, folks! It’s usually $2.99! I don’t know what I’d do without this app! Since my students don’t use email, I rely on this app to transfer work they create on the iPad to the desktop computers. For example, students created an iMovie on the iPad. We aren’t able to post to YouTube, and I definitely want the iMovie to be shared, so I can transfer the iMovie from the iPad’s Camera Roll to a desktop computer. From there, students can upload to their blogs, save on a flash drive, or I can grab it and use it for student examples. You can also transfer photos or videos to another iPad! This is awesome if students are working on a group project and they need to share their work with each other! I personally use it all the time. Sometimes emailing myself photos or videos can be time consuming, but transferring the photos or videos through this app takes no time at all (depending on file size). (Oh, and you can send more than one photo or video at a time). And…who wants to connect cables to their computer when they want to transfer a video from the iPhone or iPad? Not me!

Here’s how easy this is: (You must be on the same wifi in order to transfer)

1. Open the app

2. Choose from your camera roll or photo stream which photo you want to send

3. Choose to send the photos or videos to an iPhone, iPad, or computer

4.  Now you have two options: You can click on a web address to access your photos, or use a unique IP address

5. Wait for the download to take place

6. Now you have the photos/videos on another device!

IMG_6030 IMG_6031



2 thoughts on “My Favorite Photo/Video Transfer App is FREE for a Short Time!

  1. Suzy Palmer says:

    Wow! Thanks! This is perfect and will be so helpful when writing my blog and uploading pics to my school loop page. What a timesaver!

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