An Introductory Lesson in Keynote for Primary Students

An Introductory Lesson into Keynote with Primary Students

An Introductory Lesson into Keynote with Primary Students

I loving using Keynote, both on the Mac and the iPad. Keynote is a powerful presentation tool where students can show off knowledge of a subject. There are many web-based presentation tools I love, but Keynote has some really cool features that really resonate with students. For this project, 2nd graders used Keynote to illustrate and animate the letters in their first names.  Here are some helpful tips if you do this project with your kiddos!

Keynote from April Requard on Vimeo.


-Create a text box for each letter in the child’s name so each letter can be animated separately. (This is a great teaching moment about shortcuts Copy/Paste)

-Have your students experiment with various fonts, sizes, and colors. Each letter can be a different size, color, and font!

-Teach your students about alignment and placing. Also, Keynote has built in tools to help with alignment!

-Practice the timing of each letter. You want to make sure that they go in the right order? Or do you? Have them play with the timing of the letters.

-The animations are the best part. They will love choosing a different animation for their letters.

-Export as a QuickTime movie…upload to iMovie and make a class movie with all of their names!

Have fun!

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