Making Thinking Visible with Thinglink!

I love using Thinglink to bring images to life. I also love having my students use Thinglink to create interactive images and make their learning visible. With students in mind, I think of it almost as if my students have a website in which they can share thoughts, ideas, and links to projects. When I use Thinglink as an educator and advisor, it allows me to bring an ordinary image or a poster I’ve made to life with additional information, links, video, audio, and more. It really transforms a still image into something very dynamic and meaningful…such an amazing tool for educators and students.

Here’s a video tutorial I made, which highlights features in Thinglink:

Thinglink from April Requard on Vimeo.

Here’s a Thinglink image on the SAMR Model that I created, which translates some of the apps on our iPad into where they might fit on the SAMR model. Of course, this all depends greatly on HOW the app is used as to where it is placed on the SAMR model. It is important to note that the apps below could fit in various places on this model.  I placed them on the model with a clear vision of how I would utilize each app to achieve a desired result in the creation process in order for students to show what they know. Of course, the placement of the apps on this model could vary depending on the activity and desired goals and outcomes for a particular project. Click on the picture below to see the Thinglink.

iPad Apps on the SAMR Model

iPad Apps on the SAMR Model


Here is another Interactive Image from a 5th grader who is still in the process of putting together the last pieces of his digital portfolio. (He is still in the process of finishing, but just to give you an idea)

My Digital Portfolio

5th Grade Digital Portfolio for 2013-2014



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