Using GarageBand on Your Mac to Reinforce Typing Skills


It is essential for our students to learn to type on a keyboard. With the CCSS and the shift towards online testing (PARCC), there is more at stake and proper typing and technique is a necessary component of our technology integrated curriculum. As much as I try to make typing fun, kids do get bored with typing. What better way than to teach a program that is embedded in your Mac and combines keyboarding and musical skills! Click Steps in Using Garage Band to Reinforce Typing Skills PDF to download the instructions I’ve made for you to teach your students how to type music in GarageBand. Click Notes for Musical Typing in GarageBand to download the musical notes my students and I have created for you to use. Also, this is a great way to really encourage creativity and thinking skills by having students create their own songs. They really feel empowered and they love translating the piano notes to the corresponding keyboard notes. Lastly, once the students have mastered their favorite song, they can record it and add some fun beats to really make it their own! Combining technology, music, and making learning fun!

A fun tip: I print out the note sheet and I give students a paper holder so that they don’t have to look down at their computer, but can focus on looking up near their screen. This helps with proper keyboarding technique. Here is a link to the paper holders we purchased.

4th Grader Typing with GarageBand

Students typing with GarageBand

Students creating their own notes to favorite melodies.

Students creating their own notes to favorite melodies.

Student writing the notes to a song

Student writing the notes to a song


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