Creating on the iPad: Type Drawing App

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I love the possibilities that exist when combining words and photos. Let me share with you one of my favorite apps for working with words and pictures: Type Drawing! I downloaded Type Drawing when it was free this past summer. It is normally $1.99. I didn’t realize the possibilities for integrating this application into so many content areas until I began exploring it with my students. I used this app with second and third graders this week and we talked about how to utilize the app and then I let them explore. There are some really cool features within the app. You can import a picture from your camera roll and adjust the opacity as you trace over it with words that coincide with the picture. After your drawing is complete, you can press “play” in the gallery and watch your drawing in an animated form–the kids think that feature is pretty cool. You can save your finished project to the camera roll. This app would be great to use in areas of vocabulary development, demonstrate knowledge in a particular unit of study, make a self portrait with descriptive words, or create a picture with spelling words. The possibilities are endless when you think about students using this app to creatively demonstrate their learning.

Here’s a little video of the work my students did this morning.

Learning with the Type Drawing App for iPad from April Requard on Vimeo.



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