Explaining Explain Everything

April Requard

Earlier this year, I gave four different presentations on how Explain Everything is a powerful tool in the classroom. Whether you are a kindergarten teacher or a high school math teacher, you can benefit from using Explain Everything with your students. Explain Everything is an app designed for the iPad where students can really show what they know, show that their thinking matters, and share it with others. As a teacher, it is a powerful tool to “get inside your student’s heads” and really understand their thought processes. It is a powerful tool to use during parent teacher conferences, as a student’s parents can really grasp how their child is working through a math problem, or how well they can retell a story. I have a few examples, but they are all in various grades K-5. I also explain how each tool within the app is used. My favorite part of using Explain Everything is having students record their voices and share their work as a video without having to create a login. Students can save their video directly to the camera roll and their work can easily be transferred to a computer or another device using Airdrop or another image/video transfer app. This is extremely powerful work that truly allows students to have a “voice” in sharing their learning.

This interactive image below has examples of student work using Explain Everything as well as a brief explanation of how each tool works within the app:

April Requard

Image by April Requard

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