An Oldie, but Awesome Math Goodie!

Math 3 Under the Sea

Math 3 Under the Sea

I’ve been using Math 3 Under the Sea, a web-based math program for many years with my students. It allows students in grades 2-4 (even 5th grade for extra practice) a wide variety of practice in many different areas in math. Students love that it is fun, interactive, and engaging. This site is created in Canada, so I always tell my students to NOT click on the “Counting Money” topic because in Canada they use a different currency. Other than that, some of the topics include number forms, place value, comparing and ordering numbers, addition, subtraction, multiplication & division, patterns, perimeter, time, shapes, and data analysis. This program is great for use in computer labs, extra math practice at home, or for whole group instruction on the Smart Board or Promethean Board. Another great feature of this site is that once you are in a lesson, you can view the teacher guide as well as a glossary of terms for each topic. Students have to master each topic to advance to another topic as they aim for the goal of unlocking a treasure. Super fun way to practice math skills.

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