iPad Resources (Managing Mobile Devices, iPad Tips, iPad Deployment, & PLNs)

iPad Resources for Educators

iPad Resources for Educators

I know there are TONS of amazing resources out there for educators on various ways to integrate using the iPad in the classroom. I put together a site that includes managing the mobile technology and some useful ideas in using the iPad as an amazing educational tool in your classroom!

1. Create an iPad/Laptop Checkout Calendar that the teachers in the school have access to. I have used many online check-out systems in the past and this one is my favorite. It’s www.teamup.com (Here’s an example of the site I created for our school).

2. I came across a great blog from Tony Vincent, which featured iPad wallpaper/home screen with numbers for management purposes. It’s a great visual for the kids to see what number iPad they use. To download the wallpaper, click here. To see another great way to utilize iPad wallpaper, click here.

3. Here are some great ideas on successful iPad deployment!


iPad Management Tips

10 Awesome iPad Tips

5 Critical Mistakes Schools Make with iPads

Other iPad Tools including user agreements

Apps Gone Free

4. Finally, the best resource out there is other educators! I follow amazing teachers who teach with iPads. The best PLN for this is Twitter! If you aren’t on Twitter yet, you need to be! I was hesitant at first, but Twitter has exponentially helped me in learning from so many other amazing educators! Here are some articles on how Twitter can transform your Personal Learning Network!

Twitter: Teachers

Social Media for Teachers

A Guide for Creating a Twitter Account

How Teachers Can Stop Being Scared of Twitter


The Best Educational Hashtags

Complete Guide to Educational Hashtags

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