Two Valentine’s Day Technology Integration Ideas

Austin's Love Is List
Austin’s Love Is List

Animated Image Created in Kid Pix

These two activities are great addition to your technology integration curriculum. Both of these activities were completed on desktop computers, but could be completed in Pages or a drawing app on the iPad. The first activity is a word processing activity completed in Microsoft Word. It is a “Love Is…” list where students learn to use and customize a bulleted list.

The second activity uses Kid Pix to create your own conversation hearts and turn them into a .gif. I think it’s important for even young students to begin to understand the differences among a .png, .jpg, .gif, etc. So, if you haven’t introduced that, this is a fun activity in which to have students create their own .gifs and animated pictures. You could easily use another application that will allow you to customize the color of the heart and export it as an image. This could also be done on an iPad.

Here are the steps:

1. Use an outline of a heart image.

2. Import that heart image into Kid Pix

3. Use the paint bucket to fill in the color of the heart as well as the background of the picture.

4. Use the text tool to create the “conversation heart” text.

5. Export this image as a .jpg and save it easily on your desktop.

6. Repeat these steps until you have three (or more) pictures from which to create your animated photo.

7. Go to and upload your three images.

8. Share! Share your images! Students can add to their blogs, websites, etc. You have the option to view the GIF animation, view the frame animation, or download the GIF image. From there…share!

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