Digital Citizenship/Internet Safety 5th Grade PSA iMovie Projects

photo 2

At my school, Digital Citizenship is just as important as any other subject. I spend a great deal of time talking about this with my students. One of the ways they show their learning at the end of our unit of study is by creating videos in iMovie. Students worked with a partner on this project and each team had a different topic to showcase in the area of Digital Citizenship and Internet Safety. I structured these as more of a Public Service Announcement (PSA) so the students could take on more of a leadership role by teaching other kids the seriousness of each topic.

Websites for research:


Digital Etiquette

Digital Passport

All About Cyber-Safety

Kids Smart

Website Evaluation

Copyright Kids

Safe Kids

Stop Cyber-bullying

Kids Safety Tips

Guide to Copyright and Creative Commons

Common Sense Media

10 Great Tips

sequence.003iMovie Pics.001iMovie Pics.002iMovie Pics.003

Here are a few of the final results:

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